Engage 2015 Early Bird Registration Extended

Posted by Mike Carroll

Mar 6, 2015 2:23:54 PM


Great news! Verint has extended the early bird registration for Engage 2015, its annual customer conference, to March 13. You have one more week to get the special rate of US$595. In addition, if you purchase registrations for two people from the same company by that date, a third person can attend the conference for free!

Taking place in Las Vegas from June 8-11, Engage can help you learn how to better leverage your solutions and services from Verint and KANA, now part of Verint. With more than 80 interactive breakout sessions to choose from, Engage 2015 offers something for everyone.


Topics: Driving Innovation, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization, Engage

Verint Speakers Go Global in March

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Mar 5, 2015 2:34:40 PM


CC/CRM Tokyo Follow-up Seminar

March 5; Tokyo, Japan

Verint’s Daniel Ziv, vice president, voice of the customer analytics, and Daisuke Tomomatsu, application consultant, will discuss optimizing customer engagement with analytics for the next generation of contact centers using speech analytics best practices, and leveraging voice of the customer analytics to help increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs from 2 – 4:30 p.m. JST.

6th Global Contact Forum

March 9 - 11; Mexico City, Mexico

Verint’s Sean Mahoney, strategic solutions consultant, and Renee Rowles, quality management, audit relations and training manager for Express Scripts, will present “Everything You Wanted to Know About Effective Quality Utilizing Speech Analytics But Were Afraid to Ask (Until Now!)” on March 10 at 4:30 p.m. ET. Mahoney and Rowles will explain how speech analytics, quality monitoring and the customer experience converge and what potential positive outcomes can be yielded by integrating speech analytics into quality efforts. Participants can also learn the key steps to initiating a new program.


Topics: Back-Office Operations, Speech Analytics, Contact Centers, Quality Monitoring, Voice of the Customer Analytics, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Retail Banking, customer engagement optimization, employee engagement, omnichannel, Customer journeys

How Contact Center Agents + Digital Channels Drive Engagement

Posted by Greg Sherry - Vice President of Marketing

Mar 4, 2015 10:50:00 AM


In a blog post last week titled The Role of People in the Digital World, Verint's Steven Thurlow, vice president and global practice leader, engagement management, discussed how companies and organizations have adapted to a digital world, allowing customers to research, shop and get help online at their convenience.

Steven made the important point that many of these digital channels still require human intervention of some sort including live chat, email response, social media engagement, or other channels. He also outlined why contact center agents are often the most critical element of providing an excellent customer service experience—and also how agents help differentiate an organization’s brand.

Do you want to learn more about the role of people in the digital world?  New research is out from Esteban Kolsky, founder and principal of thinkJar Research, on the latest trends in global customer service and what it can mean for your customers and your organization. 


Topics: Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Social Media, Mobile, customer engagement optimization

Brother, Can You Spare 4 Minutes?

Posted by Paul Stockford - Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research

Mar 3, 2015 1:18:40 PM


During the Great Depression of last century, “Brother, can you spare a dime” became a commonly heard phrase in the U.S., and eventually went on to become the title of a song written in 1930 and famously recorded by Bing Crosby, Al Jolson and Rudy Vallee. The song talks about the struggles of the depression era and of the people who helped build our nation and then found themselves in bread lines hoping for something to eat.

While my situation is not nearly as dire, I decided to co-opt the title anyway in the hope of persuading you, the reader, to give me four minutes of your time to help the not-for-profit National Association of Call Centers (NACC) gather the data needed for continued contact center research in 2015.

Although Saddletree Research is my primary business, I have worked under contract as research director for the NACC since 2008. Each year we ask the end-user community to help us launch our annual research by participating in a brief survey that will take about four minutes to complete. The survey can be found here


Topics: Contact Centers, Survey Resources, Survey Analysis, Survey Research, Call Centers

Can Smarter Video Equal Business Intelligence?

Posted by Colleen Gustitus

Mar 2, 2015 11:03:49 AM


Not long ago, video surveillance was used primarily for a couple of very distinct purposes—mainly capturing evidence of a crime or another incident such as a slip and fall. But today, video cameras and associated analytics deliver a much broader set of benefits. Organizations are using video surveillance to help improve customer service, prevent crimes, train employees and offer performance feedback—as well as making improvements to the organization’s bottom line.

As these types of capabilities become more popular and accessible, the retail industry in particular stands poised to reap significant value from the evolution of video surveillance technologies.


Topics: Video Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance Analytics, Video Management Software, Network Video Recorders, Security Solutions, Retail, Video and Situational Intelligence, Analytics, video analytics, Business Intelligence, People Counting

The Role of People in the Digital World

Posted by Steven Thurlow

Feb 26, 2015 10:57:47 AM


We’ve all seen it, whether in a restaurant, on a train or bus, or at just about any public location. People are spending time interacting with their smartphone, tablet or other digital device. We live in a digital world where you can access information online whenever and wherever you want.

Companies and organizations have adapted to this digital world, allowing customers to research, shop and get help online at their convenience. They did this to enhance the customer experience, but also to improve the efficiency of the contact center.

With the plethora of information and services available to customers online, do customer service agents truly have a place in this digital world? Well, yes. Actually, they are more critical to the customer service experience than ever before.


Topics: Contact Centers, Workforce Optimization, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Loyalty, customer engagement optimization

Top 5 Predictions for Government and Public Sector Customer Service Part 2: 2015 Predictions

Posted by David Moody

Feb 25, 2015 2:05:00 PM


Now that I’ve graded my performance on my predictions for government and public sector customer service in 2014, it’s time for my Top 5 predictions for 2015. Enjoy!

1. Customer experience becomes strategic for government

Government and public sector organizations will increasingly approach customer experience in a more strategic manner, just like their private sector counterparts have been doing for years. We will see more digital strategies being implemented to improve customer service as a primary goal than, for example, reducing the cost to serve. We will also see a transition from qualitative to quantitative measurement of customer service.


Topics: Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Social Media, customer engagement optimization, Government, Public sector

What Relationship Do You Want With Your Customers?

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Feb 24, 2015 2:20:59 PM


A customer engagement strategy is rapidly turning into a must-have. Recently Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck, senior vice president, marketing, spoke with John Ragsdale of TSIA (Technology Services Industry Association) about how more and more B2B companies are embracing the importance of such a strategy.

As Hollenbeck explains, customer engagement strategies have risen to the top of the priority list for many Verint customers. He discusses some of the reasons why.

Read on for the discussion.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Customer Service, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization

The Silent Rise of Chat in Customer Service Adoption

Posted by Esteban Kolsky - thinkJar

Feb 23, 2015 11:18:26 AM


Continuing on the delivery of the early insights into the third version of the customer service adoption and usage study we are conducting with our friends at KANA®, A Verint® Company (the summary of early findings is here), I’d like to explore the rise of chat in contact centers.

Chat has had a love-hate relationship in the contact center since its early days in the late 1990s. Early on touted as the replacement for the telephone (with many advantages over it) due to the low-latency nature of its operations, chat has succeeded (a few times) and failed along the myriad electronic channels we brought along to form a contact center.


Topics: Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Social Media, Knowledge Management

The Anti-Omnichannel Experience

Posted by Daniel Ziv

Feb 20, 2015 11:56:57 AM


Have you ever had a phone call with a contact center where it felt as if no one understood you were the customer? Perhaps you spoke to multiple customer service agents who were unable to effectively address your issue?

In this day and age of the customer experience and the corresponding executive focus on it, it’s fairly attention-getting when multiple agents cannot solve one issue. But there’s good news. Customer engagement optimization encompasses a variety of solutions that can help ensure that customer needs are prioritized and resolved.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Speech Analytics, Voice of the Customer Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Analytics, customer engagement optimization, omnichannel, Knowledge Management

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