Gamification: Engaged Employees Help Strengthen Customer Relationships

Posted by Oren Stern - Senior Vice President, Product Strategy

Nov 24, 2015 2:27:12 PM


More and more, gamification is becoming an important part of organizations’ employee engagement efforts.

They are finding its value related to coaching, performance management, change management and other elements of everyday work.

Gamification is also an important part of Verint’s customer engagement optimization approach to helping organizations strengthen their customer relationships.


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Making Every Second Count in Emergency Response

Posted by Sharron Malaver

Nov 23, 2015 3:44:10 PM


Every second counts in an emergency situation, and those seconds ticking by can seem like an eternity for those who wait for responders to arrive when a situation occurs.

First responders are tasked with saving lives every day and must do so with precision, accuracy and efficiency. Lives can be forever changed in a matter of a second, so how can you make every second count in an emergency situation?

Today, there are a number of solutions designed to help emergency responders protect and serve the assets that truly matter—the lives of citizens.


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Employee Desktop—More Relevant Than Ever in Digitally Disruptive Times

Posted by Steven Thurlow

Nov 19, 2015 1:02:00 PM


Agent Desktop or Employee Desktop applications have been around a long time. They were “born” to support agents in the contact center, which was the original channel (long before we uttered the word “channel”)—superseding the myriad digital channels that came afterward.

Because of this, I think all too often organizations can overlook the significance of Employee Desktops in today’s digitally disruptive, omnichannel world. That’s a mistake. Digital channels are changing the nature of customer interactions and the role of the contact center agent, only growing the need for the next-gen Employee Desktop.

In today’s omnichannel Age of Engagement, digital channels have offloaded interaction volume for routine issues and rudimentary self-serve tasks, relegating agents to take on ever more complex inquiries. As a result, agents find themselves in a high pressure environment having to handle delicate situations and play the role of customer service soothsayers. They are often interacting with customers demonstrating high amounts of frustration (likely the customer has tried to resolve their issue through other means and channels without success).


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Customer Centricity Is No Longer an Option—It’s Fundamental to Survival

Posted by Jeremy Cox - Ovum, Principal Analyst and Customer Engagement Expert

Nov 18, 2015 10:42:21 AM


In this intensely competitive and disruptive environment, the need for outstanding customer service has never been more critical. With its role in contributing to a company’s brand promise, it is simply too important to be left to a single department.

Outstanding customer service can only be delivered when the business acts in unison, in a highly collaborative and coordinated way. Customer advocacy can only be won when customers feel that the brand serving them has their interests at heart. This is why today customer centricity isn’t an option, it is fundamental to survival.

A recent study of over 18,000 consumers around the world conducted by Verint Systems shines a light on what good customer service means today. It’s all about speed, convenience and above all trust. This is reinforced by 81 percent of respondents who said they just want their questions answered and 29 percent who prefer it when the person they speak to is able to make decisions without checking with their manager.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Social Media, customer engagement optimization, omnichannel, Customer Feedback, operational efficiency

Tech Tip: Desktop and Process Analytics Reporting

Posted by Jenni Palocsik

Nov 17, 2015 1:35:43 PM


Did you know that Verint Desktop and Process Analytics (Version 10 and higher) can enable you to quickly see productive and unproductive usage of the internet when you run reports? The solution can easily capture the URLs of sites that your employees are accessing throughout the day and rename them with simple, more intuitive titles.

First, identify the most used websites using the canned Web Site Duration Report under Application Analysis in the solution’s user interface. From that report, identify the website links that constitute productive usage that you want to report on separately.


Topics: Performance Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, key performance indicators, Scorecards, Productivity,, operational visibility,, employee productivity

Deliver More Economic Benefits by Getting Secure Online Transactions Right

Posted by David Moody

Nov 16, 2015 2:20:36 PM


In my previous blog, Don’t Let Fear Drive Your Digital First Customer Engagement Strategy, I pointed out that while many government organizations have implemented some form of digital-first strategy, many would say that those strategies have not yet delivered their intended economic benefits.

While there are many non-technology related barriers to fully realizing the intended economic benefits of digital-first strategies, there are also technological ones. One of these is the ability to provide secure access to digitally enabled services through an online customer account, which essentially enables customers to provide proof of identity each time they transact online.


Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience, Big Data, customer engagement optimization, Government, Public sector, Government and Public Sector, Customer Feedback, Citizen Services, Engagement Management

Ouch! The Modern Customer Service Representative

Posted by Dave Capuano - Global Vice President, Integrated Marketing

Nov 12, 2015 3:12:17 PM


Check out this infographic from Ventana Research1 that we are using as part of a marketing campaign. The infographic, titled Customer Engagement in the Digital Age, shows that companies have to support up to 17 channels of engagement to interact with customers.

Read that again. I don’t know about you, but to me that number is staggering, especially in a time when customer engagement is driving a big portion of the customer experience.

As a reminder for those who are still struggling to distinguish between the two topics: Customer experience is rooted in emotion, and the customer owns it. Customer engagement on the other hand is rooted in action, whether it is a direct interaction with the customer or something that happens on behalf of the customer between interactions.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Customer Analytics, Customer Satisfaction, voice of the employee, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Loyalty, customer engagement optimization, employee engagement

Risk Mitigation Is Everyone’s Concern in Financial Services

Posted by Kevin Wine

Nov 11, 2015 12:33:59 PM


The nature of security in the financial services market is as dynamic as the banking industry itself. Over time, financial institutions have evolved significantly, reacting to consumer demand in an effort to continually provide the highest level of service and convenience. Meanwhile, the range of threats that face banks, credit unions and other financial organizations has evolved as well, challenging these companies to stay one step ahead.

Years ago, the security of a banking institution was primarily the responsibility of the CSO; he or she sought out video surveillance, access control and other systems to physically protect each location from theft, fraud and other threats. Security officials were responsible for deterring and detecting these risks, and they generally operated in a silo.


Topics: Branch Office Operations, Video Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance Analytics, Video Management Software, Physical Security Management, IP Cameras, Risk Management, Security Solutions, Video and Situational Intelligence, Physical Security Information Management, Bank and Financial Services, video analytics, banking

Achieving Visibility in Branch Operations for Better Decision-Making

Posted by Jenni Palocsik

Nov 10, 2015 11:27:50 AM


Successful (and ongoing) branch transformation is a top objective for today’s retail banking executives. Customer habits are changing with the explosive growth of mobile banking, and fewer customers are visiting branches as a result.

And getting it right is more critical than ever. A recent customer loyalty study commissioned by Verint found that although consumers globally trusted banks more than other service providers, only 24 percent of the 18,000 consumers surveyed indicated that their bank delivered good service. And when consumers were asked what would frustrate them enough to switch banks, there were two “leaders”—impolite, rude or uninterested staff—or too many mistakes, both with 22 percent. Consumers in the UK were slightly more sensitive to both of these concerns, with 28 percent and 25 percent respectively. In the US, 31 percent said they’d change banks if there were too many mistakes.


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Customers: Do You Want to Be Stalked Or Ghosted?

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Nov 6, 2015 11:38:00 AM


Customers are in the driver’s seat now. They have more say than ever before in how they interact with the companies they do business with.

Verint recently commissioned a research survey about customer service expectations in association with Opinium Research and consultancy firm Ovum. (For those who may not be familiar with the term “ghosted”—it refers to the sudden vanishing from someone's life by a significant other.)

As highlighted in a recent CMSWire feature, more than 18,000 global survey respondents provided some interesting feedback.


Topics: Customer Service, Customer Experience, Survey Research, Big Data, customer engagement optimization

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