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Knowledge Management: How Getting Your Employees to Become in the Know Helps Your Business

Improving customer experiences is a top-ranking priority for almost all businesses. However, many organizations haven’t found ways to accomplish this goal. In fact, a common misconception is that...Read more

Employees: The Key to Successful Branch Transformation

Some of today’s financial institutions are changing from a traditional staffing model—based on tellers and transactions—to a universal banker model. This is a direct response to consumers’ increasing...Read more

Measuring Loyalty: The Insider’s Guide to Customer Experience

When people think about measuring customer satisfaction, they naturally assume a corollary is customer loyalty. Unfortunately, customer satisfaction can only be a reliable predictor of customer...Read more


Verint Executives Nominated for Security Industry Leadership Award

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Wine, Vice President of Marketing for Verint Video and Situation Intelligence, and Matt Tengwall, Vice President and General Manager of Security and Cyber...Read more

Communication and Collaboration Key To Keeping Us Safe in an Unsafe World

The recent tragedy at The Pulse nightclub added an extra dimension to the Association of Public Safety Officials (APCO) Annual Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida this week. More than 2,500...Read more

Align the Attack/Defense Mismatch Part 2: Address the Shortage of Cyber Skills and Resources

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the cyber skills shortage. No question our industry must do more to provide education about cyber security and to encourage more students to launch...Read more