Verint Speakers Travel the World in May

Posted by Susanne Pitts

May 4, 2015 7:30:00 AM


APCO Annual Public Safety Broadband Summit & Expo

May 5; Washington, DC

Verint’s Bill Pryor, senior director of public safety and mid-markets, will discuss “The Role of Security Analytics in a Big Data World: How to Make Big Data Actionable for Next Generation Law Enforcement Agencies” at 1:45 p.m. ET. In a next-generation law enforcement world, data is being collected at a pace difficult to imagine even a decade ago.

In its native form, raw data is not very useful. However, introduce the right capture, processing and analysis resources, and the value of that data can grow exponentially—often transforming the work of law enforcement by providing greater situational awareness to help deliver rapid response and critical investigation capabilities. Using data, speech, video and other forms of analytics allows for patterns to be discerned and actionable information to be delivered predictively, in real-time for forensic use.


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7 Must-Have Customer Engagement Tools for 2015

Posted by Susanne Pitts

May 1, 2015 2:53:00 PM


Much is being said about customer engagement these days. Knowing which tools to spend your time and monetary resources on can help you concentrate on what really matters—strengthening your customer relationships and building long-term loyalty.

Verint’s Brian Koma, vice president and practice leader of customer experience, spoke to 1to1 Media recently about how it’s really important for organizations to have a complete understanding of their customers' histories with them.


Topics: Customer Service, Customer Experience, Social Media, Analytics, customer engagement optimization, omnichannel

How One City Shined a Light on Dark Data

Posted by David Moody

Apr 30, 2015 11:15:35 AM


In my last blog, I highlighted government’s challenge of understanding and using the huge amount of data they are bombarded with daily to make better decisions and better serve their citizens—and how one city was empowering its citizens to gain intelligence from this data and take action on it themselves.

Now, I want to look at how one major Canadian city is using Actionable Intelligence® to gain intelligence from this data to drive significant efficiencies.

One area that government and public sector organizations continue to have trouble with is understanding exactly why their customers are contacting them. While customer service employees can and should correctly categorize each contact, they usually don’t, which leaves customer service directors with only a partial view.


Topics: Speech Analytics, Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Analytics, Big Data, customer engagement optimization, Government, Public sector, Government and Public Sector

Situational Awareness: How Much Does Your City ‘See’?

Posted by Brian Matthews

Apr 29, 2015 1:34:35 PM


In part one of the Safe City blog series, we examined some of the many threats cities face around the world. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the concept of situational awareness and how it helps city officials deter, detect and respond to crime, vandalism, terrorism, weather emergencies and other significant risks to the population.

What Is Situational Awareness?

Situational awareness is a concept that we hear a lot about in the security industry, but what exactly does it mean? How does it relate to Safe City initiatives? At Verint, we think of situational awareness as the ability to collect, detect and analyze a wealth of data—then quickly transform it into Actionable Intelligence. This intelligence helps enable officials to be proactive—as opposed to reactive—and take immediate and appropriate action on suspicious activities.

The ability to understand what’s going on anywhere, anytime and at any given moment is the cornerstone of situational awareness technology.


Topics: Public Safety, Video Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance Analytics, Video Management Software, Physical Security Management, Network Video Recorders, Security Solutions, Video and Situational Intelligence, Physical Security Information Management, Analytics, video analytics, Safe Cities

Data-Driven Smarter Engagement

Posted by Scott Hays - Vice President, Global Solutions Marketing

Apr 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM


At a recent conference on customer-centric strategies, I led a workshop of industry practitioners at which we really dug into the topic of data as it relates to making customer engagement smarter, making it more personal, more productive, and more predictable.

The level of experience and sophistication amongst the companies that the participants represented varied widely, from one company that deployed decision scientists and Six Sigma black belts to tackle the problem to others that were collecting data but didn’t really do much with it.


Topics: Customer Service, Customer Experience, Analytics, Big Data, customer engagement optimization, Customer journeys

Engage 2015 Discounted Room Rate Expires Soon

Posted by Mike Carroll

Apr 23, 2015 2:09:10 PM


Engage 2015 is almost here, and if you’re attending, act now to reserve your room at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to take advantage of the discounted room rate, which expires on May 12.

Engage 2015 is the Verint® Systems Global Customer Conference taking place in Las Vegas from June 8-11. At Engage, you can learn how to better leverage your solutions and services from Verint and KANA. With more than 80 interactive breakout sessions to choose from, Engage 2015 offers something for everyone.

Engage 2015 includes best practices, training, interactive breakout sessions, and an entire community of customer, Verint and KANA experts, all there to help you optimize your customer engagement.


Topics: Driving Innovation, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization, Engage

Verint Expands Customer Engagement Optimization Portfolio with Gamification

Posted by Oren Stern and Rajeev Venkat

Apr 22, 2015 11:51:35 AM

Gamification_yellow_image_000040192018-small_resizedHave you considered that employees are likely the most important investment your organization makes in customer satisfaction? After all, we all know that employee disengagement is expensive and does not help the customer experience.

This week Verint announced the addition of gamification to its customer engagement optimization portfolio. This new enterprise software solution offers yet another way that Verint helps drive customer and employee engagement—offering new ways to potentially improve customer service, social collaboration and training, and employee loyalty.

Gamification is the process of using game mechanics and game thinking in a business setting—in non-gaming contexts—to engage users to solve problems in a more fun, productive way. Game mechanics are applied to help drive employee engagement, communicate goals, measure and acknowledge achievements, inspire collaboration and motivate teams.


Topics: Performance Management, Workforce Optimization, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Productivity,, Loyalty, Analytics, Gamification, customer engagement optimization, employee engagement, Training

Let’s Not Forget the Value of People and Processes

Posted by Jerry Silva - Global Banking Research Director, IDC

Apr 20, 2015 12:08:47 PM

As an industry analyst, I speak and write about a number of significant trends in the financial services industry. And lately that means covering “big” topics like core banking replacement, digital channels and the need for customer (re)engagement. These are all important discussions to have in the quest for nothing less than transformation of the banking business, but there are some topics that I feel aren’t covered to the extent they should be.

As we talk about making changes to the bank’s back-end systems and the digitization of everything from the branch to the mobile channel, we should not underestimate the importance of the people and processes that connect these technologies to the customer. In my mind, enhancing the capability of the workforce, and quantitatively capturing the steps it takes to deliver products and services to the consumer, is one of the most effective ways any institution can see immediate and measurable improvements in such metrics as cost, speed to market, customer service and employee satisfaction.


Topics: Branch Office Operations, Workforce Optimization, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Bank and Financial Services, Mobile, customer engagement optimization, employee engagement, Dashboards, back office workforce optimization, digital

Voice Biometrics Helps Improve the Customer Experience

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Apr 17, 2015 2:27:56 PM

Screen_Capture_blue_cubes_resizedIn a feature earlier this month, Biometric Update put the spotlight on Verint’s announcement that it has added voice biometrics capabilities to its enterprise workforce optimization solution—one of many significant enhancements and advancements that extend the company’s Customer Engagement Optimization vision.

This embedded voice biometrics technology helps improve the customer experience and reduce fraud-related losses and call handle time.


Topics: Customer Service, Customer Experience, voice biometrics, customer engagement optimization

Today’s Branches – Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Posted by Jenni Palocsik

Apr 15, 2015 2:41:16 PM


As consumers, we’ve been taught that bigger—or more—is always better. More money. Bigger houses. Larger data plans. All-you-can eat buffets.

However, this is not true when it comes to today’s banking branches—bigger is not always better. In fact, it’s not the size that actually matters.

Consumers depend on their banks to provide easy access to their money, enabling them to complete transactions, ask questions and learn more about other options for banking services that help them “do more.”

And, although more people are using digital channels such as mobile and online banking to check their balances and perform some of their routine banking transactions, people continue to use bank branches regularly, too.


Topics: Retail Financial Services, Branch Office Operations, Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Retail Banking, Bank and Financial Services, Mobile, customer engagement optimization

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