Be Part of the New Engage Global Customer Awards

Posted by Mike Carroll

Mar 31, 2015 1:54:08 PM


Have you or someone within your organization used software from Verint and/or KANA to optimize customer engagement? Has this person helped increase customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, drive revenue, improve operational efficiencies, and/or heighten employee morale? If so, then be sure to submit a nomination for the 2015 Engage Global Customer Awards!

Bringing together Verint’s Innovator of the Year and KANA’s Customer Awards program, the Engage Global Customer Awards recognize individuals and their respective companies for outstanding accomplishments during the past year in the following categories:

  • Enriching Interactions
  • Improving Processes
  • Optimizing the Workforce


Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience, Loyalty, customer engagement optimization, employee engagement, Engage

What Do CIOs Really Think About Customer Experience?

Posted by Greg Sherry - Vice President of Marketing

Mar 30, 2015 4:23:00 PM


Last week Verint took part in the 2015 CIO Summit of America at the Harvard Club of New York City. The summit was attended by more than 300 CIO/IT leaders who took part in interactive sessions on topics including strategy, process improvement and alignment, customer focus, and business analytics. Executives from a variety of leading organizations took part in the summit, including major retail brands, banks and telecommunications companies.

In an interactive session on “The Strategic Value of Data through Business Analytics,” three CIOs led a discussion on why the strategic value and potential of a company's business―customer and other types of data―could be the single most underutilized resource, and biggest opportunity.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Social Media, Analytics, Mobile, customer engagement optimization

The New KPIs for Achieving Effective Customer Engagement

Posted by Daniel Ziv

Mar 27, 2015 3:30:13 PM


Customer loyalty is at stake with every customer interaction. As such, so is the financial success of your organization.

Not only that, but today’s customers are using more channels than ever before. Their demands are higher than ever—and getting higher all the time.

The new reality is that optimizing customer engagement is not simply a customer-friendly thing to do anymore—it’s actually now needed to stay competitive and succeed long-term.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Speech Analytics, Voice of the Customer Analytics, key performance indicators, Customer Experience, Analytics, customer engagement optimization, Customer journeys

Verint Announces Latest Release of Its Enterprise Workforce Optimization Solution

Posted by Rajeev Venkat

Mar 25, 2015 1:55:15 PM


This week, Verint announced significant enhancements to its industry-leading enterprise Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution.

Designed to strengthen the connection between organizations and their employees with customers, this latest version of Verint WFO includes powerful analytics, dynamic visualizations and a fresh, new user interface. These enhancements can help global organizations work across multiple communications channels to meet consumer expectations—enabling smarter engagement for competitive advantage. Here’s an overview of some of the new capabilities in the release:

Smarter Engagement

Headlining the enhancements is a completely redesigned user interface (UI) that can be tailored to suit individual working styles, helping employees be more productive. The new UI effectively provides unified WFO on an intuitive, customizable screen—as opposed to multiple discrete applications. The solution’s business workflows help shorten the time from when insights are gained to when they can be applied.


Topics: Voice of the Customer, Performance Management, Speech Analytics, Voice of the Customer Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Analytics, voice biometrics, fraud prevention, customer engagement optimization, employee productivity, Quality Management

Perception vs. Reality - Employee Productivity Myths Part 1

Posted by Mary Lou Joseph

Mar 23, 2015 2:55:00 PM


What is the divide between how we think we and others around us perform, and the reality of what we truly accomplish? In a webinar held on February 19, Debunking Employee Productivity Myths, Harvard Business School Professor Francesca Gino explained the science behind how we perceive ourselves, and the impact that can have on our decision-making process.

She addressed the four top biases for which the human brain is wired. With the help of Verint’s Craig Seebach, vice president, back-office workforce optimization, she presented some ways we can close the divide between perception and reality with system-generated activity data and performance metrics.

In this first blog, we will address the first two biases: A bias for action and a bias for completion. In the second blog we will address the next two biases: an outcome bias and a “self-inflated” bias.


Topics: Back-Office Operations, Performance Management, Contact Centers, Productivity,, contact center workforce optimization, productivity visualizer, work allocation manager, back office workforce optimization, employee productivity

Global Physical Security Market Estimated to Double by 2019

Posted by Colleen Gustitus

Mar 19, 2015 4:47:26 PM


Organizations around the world face a complex set of threats—and for many, new security challenges emerge every year. As the global landscape evolves, so do the technologies that are designed to deter, detect and investigate incidents of crime, fraud, violence and terrorism.

Physical security technology represents an important tool in this worldwide fight—not surprisingly, the industry is growing quickly to meet these challenges. A new report from TechNavio found that the global physical security market is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2019, which is more than double today’s market value.


Topics: Video Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance Analytics, Video Management Software, Network Video Recorders, Security Solutions, Video and Situational Intelligence, Physical Security Information Management, Analytics, video analytics

The Role of Government Employees in a Digital (and Smarter) World

Posted by David Moody

Mar 18, 2015 3:49:46 PM


We live in a digital world where you can access information and complete tasks online whenever and wherever you want. We’ve all gone online to do some shopping, download music or stream our favorite TV shows.

The good news is that government and public sector organizations have largely followed the commercial sector, and are now well and truly operating within the digital world. Government and public sector organizations are encouraging its citizens and customers to submit vehicle registrations, report noisy neighbors, file tax returns and complete other tasks online.

Some of this encouragement is being primarily driven by government austerity measures. Regardless of the reasons why, this digital shift undoubtedly gives citizens and customers what they want and expect in today’s digital world.


Topics: Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Social Media, customer engagement optimization, Government, Public sector

Average or Above Average—What Is Your Operational Standard?

Posted by Mary Lou Joseph

Mar 17, 2015 4:03:02 PM


I was recently listening to a customer explain how they developed their processing time standards for their back-office employees. He made a very interesting point: “Why would you want to manage to the average?” In the rest of our lives, would we be happy with just average?

Managing to just average handle time (AHT) is a thing of the past, even in the good old contact center. These days many centers have relegated AHT to a secondary metric, or they use it in combination with other metrics so that they find an effective balance between productivity (AHT) and quality (first call solution [FCS], customer satisfaction scores [CSAT]).

However, when you look at back-office processes—where tasks such as underwriting, transaction processing, and dispute resolution are more complex, require multiple touches, and might take several hours or even days—then the difference between average and above-average handle time can become substantial.


Topics: Enterprise Workforce Optimization, Back-Office Operations, Retail Financial Services, Performance Management, Contact Centers, operational visibility,, Bank and Financial Services

Eliminating the “Graffiti” in Your Customer Experience Program

Posted by Nancy Porte - Vice President, Global Customer Experience

Mar 16, 2015 11:53:49 AM


Have you ever heard of the Broken Window theory? I describe it in my recent Loyalty 360 article called “Eliminating the “Graffiti” in Your Customer Experience Program.” The theory asserts that an environment’s condition leads people to hold and act on certain assumptions.

For example, when subway cars are covered in graffiti, it is more likely that people may assume that the entire subway system needs repair work.

Subway cars and customer experience programs have this in common. My article states that executive behavior is as much of an influence on employee behavior as graffiti is on the behavior of subway riders.


Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Loyalty, customer engagement optimization

Spring Has Sprung! Time Again for the Contact Center Awards Biz

Posted by Paul Stockford - Chief Analyst, Saddletree Research

Mar 12, 2015 4:29:49 PM


Leaves are turning green; lawns are springing back to life, flowers blooming. This can mean only one thing--contact center industry awards season! This is our Oscars, our time to shine, our opportunity to recognize and congratulate ourselves for doing what it is that we do.

For me it’s time to create another folder on my hard drive to store all the press releases I’m about to receive from dozens of companies that have all won the same award. Happens every year and there never seems to be the slightest hint of embarrassment from the company that bestows all these identical awards, or the companies that pay good money in order to get them.

There is, however, an industry award that is decidedly different. This one requires no entry fee, the judging is done entirely by third-party industry analysts who receive no monetary compensation, and the award sponsor has absolutely no say in who wins. It is as pure an award as this industry has to offer and it comes from CRM Magazine in the form of their annual CRM Service Awards.


Topics: Contact Centers, Workforce Optimization, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization

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