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To Improve Is to Change—to Be Perfect Is to Change Often: Part 2

In part one of this blog we reflected on how the challenge of delivering public services is occasionally increased by the advent of internal organisational change. This is something being wrestled...Read more

“Just the Facts, Ma’am”

“Dragnet” was a popular 1950s era detective television series starring Jack Webb as the stone-faced Sergeant Joe Friday. When interviewing witnesses Sergeant Friday always prefaced his questions with...Read more

Stop Online Fraudsters in their Tracks with Voice Biometrics

Did you know contact centers are becoming an increasing part of the online fraud life cycle? Since the rollout of “chip-and-pin” cards, fraudsters are devoting more time to online card not present...Read more


Align the Attack/Defense Mismatch Part 2: Address the Shortage of Cyber Skills and Resources

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the cyber skills shortage. No question our industry must do more to provide education about cyber security and to encourage more students to launch...Read more

Video Analytics Comes of Age…

Imagining the future of technology is exciting. I remember watching “Oceans 13” and “CSI” years ago, and thinking that the age in which security technologies would reach this level of advancement was...Read more

Align the Attack/Defense Mismatch Part 1: Make Security Teams More Productive

Despite the fact that companies invest $92 billion annually on cyber security, 80% of organizations are still breached. Just recently, highly publicized breaches at Acer, Cisco’s GotoMyPC, and...Read more