How Omnichannel Is Changing the Retail Experience Forever

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Sep 19, 2014 2:53:00 PM


More than ever before, retailers are tasked with tailoring their services to the needs and preferences of their increasingly sophisticated shoppers. However, customers are also more open than ever before with the information they are willing to provide—a distinct advantage for retailers.

By leveraging and examining all the information customers are willing to share—including previous purchases, voice and textual interactions, social postings and more—retailers can begin to create a truly personalized experience for each shopper. This investment now can potentially pay off in a loyal customer for years to come.

Verint’s Daniel Ziv, vice president, voice of the customer analytics, discusses the guidelines, potential pitfalls and opportunities with Customer Experience Report.

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Topics: Retail, Customer Service, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization, omnichannel

Top Seven Ways Banks Can Create a Smarter Video Surveillance System

Posted by Courtney Mamuscia

Sep 17, 2014 3:40:37 PM


As the modern financial system has become increasingly complex, the threats facing today’s banks have kept pace.

Financial institutions of all sizes—from small community credit unions to large multi-national corporations—face a variety of challenges, including fraud, theft and even everyday accidents such as slip-and-falls.

To protect their facilities, high-value assets, employees and customers while helping to ensure the highest levels of customer service and efficiency, modern financial institutions can leverage leading video surveillance technology that is smarter and more intuitive than past systems.


Topics: Video Intelligence Solutions, Surveillance Analytics, Video Management Software, Network Video Recorders, Video and Situational Intelligence, video analytics

Why Customer Journeys?

Posted by Koren Stucki - Solutions Marketing Director, Customer Analytics

Sep 16, 2014 3:33:00 PM


There’s a lot of talk these days about “the customer journey.” You’ve probably either seen the term, used it yourself, or glossed over it as just another platitude or technology term du jour. However, in today’s competitive digital world where consumers can switch brands in the time it takes to swipe a screen, it’s a significant concept to understand, address—and ultimately—take action on.

So what exactly is a “customer journey"? In an article by McKinsey partner David Edelman, a customer journey is described as “The series of interactions a customer has with the brand to get something done.”1

So, pretty straightforward, right? All the interactions your customer has with your organization to accomplish a task. Well, the definition may be straightforward, but the actual customer journey is not! And, neither is gaining full insight into all the interactions that make it up.


Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization

Tech Tip: Adding Descriptive Content to Surveys

Posted by Daniela Shelley - Product Support Associate, EFM

Sep 15, 2014 4:00:50 PM

When using Verint® Enterprise Feedback ManagementTM (Version 7.1 and higher), you may wish to explain specific keywords that might be unfamiliar to survey participants. At the same time—to enhance the user experience—you likely want to keep the amount of descriptive text on each survey page to a minimum.

The answer to this dilemma is to take advantage of the advanced feature called Survey Glossary. Click the “Survey Glossary” option in the left pane of the “Design” tab, and then type a keyword and the appropriate definition. Keywords are marked with a dotted line in surveys, and participants can view the definitions by simply hovering over them with the cursor.


Topics: Customer Feedback Surveys, Enterprise Feedback Management, Survey Resources

Combining Customer and Employee Insights on the Customer Experience

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Sep 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM


Organizations are gaining a better understanding that happy and engaged employees really do have an impact on whether or not customers have a positive experience with them.

Recently Verint’s Koren Stucki, solutions marketing director, customer analytics, spoke with CRM magazine about the advantages that organizations can gain when they combine voice of the customer and voice of the employee insights. One of the primary ones? They gain the ability to compare external and internal data to obtain a more complete picture of the overall customer experience.

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Topics: Voice of the Customer, Voice of the Customer Analytics, voice of the employee, Customer Experience, customer engagement optimization

New Ways To Engage Customers More Effectively – Part 1

Posted by Nancy Porte - Vice President, Global Customer Experience

Sep 8, 2014 9:00:00 AM


This year, more than ever, I am struck by what seems to be a true transition for customer experience professionals as they move toward driving customer engagement. In a pair of blog posts I will outline some significant ways I’ve observed leading organizations and customer experience professionals look beyond individual experiences to more effectively engage customers.

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel

Last year, the hot topic among customer service professionals focused on multichannel, and answering the question, “how do we add social media as an additional channel to serve customers?” This year, it’s nice to hear the conversation has evolved to “how do we serve customers across all channels AND offer a seamless experience?” Our collective understanding of omnichannel vs. multichannel has evolved, thus, changing the conversation.


Topics: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Big Data, customer engagement optimization, omnichannel

Verint Speakers Featured Globally in September

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Sep 5, 2014 12:25:18 PM


Today Verint announced its participation in September conferences and webinars around the world:


September 9-10; Sao Paulo, Brazil

Verint’s Nancy Treaster, general manager, strategic operations, will present “Customer Engagement: The New Frontier” at 3 p.m. BRT on September 9. Until recently, businesses have set the communications agenda with their customers. However, with more ways to communicate and share information than ever, customers are in control and can choose from an array of content, services and products. How can you keep them choosing yours? Treaster will look at customer engagement optimization—the new frontier for building customer loyalty and better business performance.


Topics: Desktop and Process Analytics, Workforce Optimization, Customer Experience, Loyalty, operational visibility,, fraud prevention, customer engagement optimization

Little-Known Facts about People-Counting Software

Posted by Courtney Mamuscia

Sep 3, 2014 5:00:03 PM

Not long ago, people-counting technology seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie. But these days, the software is fairly common—used by a wide range of end users, especially those in the retail and banking markets.

As people-counting technology continues to evolve, its capabilities are only becoming more intriguing. However, many systems still present more challenges than they do opportunities. Consider these four little-known facts about most people-counting software:

1. They rely on “background modeling.”

Many products on the market use background modeling to count people entering a doorway. Background modeling can be helpful for analyzing outdoor scenes, because it enables the software to recognize traits of the background and remove those attributes from the scene. However, considering the many fields of view in a given scene, if a person or vehicle is not passing through that background at a certain angle, the analytic can get confused, making for a much less accurate counting system. For business intelligence analytics, such as people counting, it’s important to consider software that goes beyond background modeling and also captures features within the object, such as heads, faces, etc.


Topics: Surveillance Analytics, Video Management Software, Video and Situational Intelligence, Analytics, video analytics

Find Out What Your Customers Are Thinking

Posted by Susanne Pitts

Sep 2, 2014 4:19:12 PM

Keeping an organization running smoothly every day is challenging enough. However, that’s only part of the picture. Are you listening to your customers today to know what you’ll need to do to run your business smoothly tomorrow?

One way many successful organizations are doing this is through text analytics. Recently Verint’s Brian Koma, vice president, customer analytics, spoke to KMWorld about how the potential of important customer information often goes untapped—and some of the benefits awaiting those who analyze and apply it.

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Topics: Voice of the Customer, Text Analytics, Voice of the Customer Analytics, Customer Service, Customer Experience

Small Changes with Big Impact

Posted by Mary Lou Joseph

Aug 28, 2014 10:00:00 AM


No one will argue that change is hard. We can also all agree that to survive, we have to change and adapt.

One healthcare insurer was struggling with balancing employee autonomy with cost and service efficiencies. This insurer had a number of policies that gave employees flexibility in their workday. They could choose to start anytime between 7:00 and 9:30 a.m. They could take their breaks and lunches whenever they wanted, with whomever they wanted. So, often times, a whole department might go to lunch at the same time, leaving the phones unattended.

Unfortunately, this was causing the insurer to miss service goals and the metrics mandated by a regulatory agency. The average time to answer a call (ASA) should have been 45 seconds, but they were experiencing wide ranges in ASA—from 31 seconds on a good day, to 131 - 142 seconds on bad days.


Topics: Back-Office Operations, Contact Centers, Workforce Management, Insurance, Healthcare, Schedule Flexibility

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