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3 Ways to Strengthen Your CX Program With Online Communities

iStock-515792720_people on devices with red wall_resized.pngYou probably know that online communities are growing in popularity and offer a variety of benefits.

As a CX professional, I like the idea of communities. And speaking for the company I work for and its nearly two-year-old social community, I can testify to these benefits of having our own online community. However, developing it required a good bit of time, thought and energy.

As I look back, technology was the easy part. What took time was building our community strategy. For us, creating the strategy was an involved process because we had been looking for new ways to build loyal customers from the very beginning of their relationships with us. We view our community as an important way to do that.

In my new blog for Customer Think, I discuss three best practices we’ve used to make the most of our community and use it to attain the goals we originally established.

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