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A Verint Gamification Success Story

iStock_95610219_LARGE_gamification_resized.pngVerint launched its gamification solution as part of its customer engagement optimization suite back in 2013. The solution can help organizations improve employee engagement and performance by increasing motivation to learn new skills or knowledge, or to change behaviors to help drive desired business outcomes. 

Using this solution, Verint recently deployed a gamification program in its EMEA sales organization.  The project was designed to encourage account executives to complete specific tasks in our CRM system to further qualify opportunities before adding them to the active sales pipeline. The results have been impressive—in just three months account executives have:

  • Completed the primary contact field associated with opportunities 2.5 times more often.
  • Completed the next steps field 3 times more often.

The resulting measure of success—the number of opportunities accepted to the pipeline—increased by 300 percent! The gamification program has also spurred some friendly competition between the different sales teams in our EMEA region, as well as further increased collaboration among team members. 

Leaderboard image for July 2017 blog.jpgOne team even took the challenge to film themselves doing Elvis karaoke as a challenge to earn extra points and move up on the leaderboard. While quite humorous, I won’t share the link to the video as there is a reason they are sales executives and not pop stars.

Implementing a gamification program has proved beneficial not only for our sales teams, but for our services and product managers, as well. We gained deeper insight into the customer perspective of how these programs are designed and implemented. The EMEA sales gamification program was based on our recommendations in the Gamification Best Practices Guide

Have you used gamification to drive a solution adoption? If so, please share your story below.


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