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Artificial Intelligence—More Than Just an Automation Industry Buzzword

iStock-685820632 Robotic Process Optimization_resized.pngIn my last blog post on automation, I discussed how implementation of customer engagement automation and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions within customer engagement operations can be game-changing for the enterprise. I also talked about how some creative planning and brainstorming on automation can create new opportunities for you personally, and for your organization.

Let’s continue the conversation by looking at AI technology more closely and examine how AI is starting to have a profound impact across business and society. 

Automation is the use of Artificial Intelligence—or AI—to automate functions that were previously performed by humans. AI is a common buzzword today. It’s in the news almost every day, and there are a lot of different applications for AI across industries. You’ve probably heard about organizations that are testing and piloting autonomous, self-driving cars. We also hear and read about automation in factory environments, healthcare, intelligent appliances and a variety of other areas.  

AI and the related area of machine learning (ML) are also gaining relevance in such areas as gaming, beauty and fashion, and discussions around ethics and humanity. Below, I’ve included the Twitter handle of thought leaders in these areas or a link to one of their recent articles. Even if you don’t usually engage with Twitter, you can learn a lot from these experts by browsing the content on their Twitter home pages.

Gaming, Beauty and Fashion

Alex Champandard @alexjcSenior gaming AI programmer and Director @nuclai conference, the largest worldwide event on artificial intelligence in creative industries including interactive media, simulations and digital entertainment.

Satya Mallick @LearnOpenCV – entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in vision technology machine learning, also co-founder and CTO at Sight Commerce, a company that has created millions of images for online beauty retailers and individual customers.

Ethical Considerations for Automation and Artificial Intelligence

John C. Havens (@johnchavens) – Executive director of the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations, an incubation space for new standards and solutions, certifications and codes of conduct for AI-related systems.

Alec Radford (@AlecRad) – Machine learning developer and researcher at OpenAI, an artificial intelligence non-profit envisioned by innovator Elon Musk. The organization mission is to discover and enacting the path to “safe” applications of AI.

AI continues to gain rapid relevance in such areas as the future of work and careers, business strategy, and futurists:

The Future of Work, Business Strategy and Futurists

McKinsey Global Institute @McKinsey_MGI The business and economics research arm of McKinsey. Check out this in-depth research on the future of work and what AI and automation will mean for jobs, skills and wages. Their research states that by 2030, 15% of the global workforce may need to switch jobs. The research also has some nice graphical representations of how a variety of job roles and careers will shift over time.

@HarvardBiz  “The Business of Artificial Intelligence” – A discussion of what AI can, and cannot, do for organizations.

Jana Eggers @jeggers – CEO at Nara Logics which uses neuroscience-based artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze large volumes of data and help companies make smart, informed decisions.

Gideon Rosenblatt @gideonro – author at The Vital Edge, an ongoing exploration of the human experience in the emerging era of AI and machine intelligence.

Customer engagement automation and AI are here today, and it will continue to gain traction in the customer engagement industry, fueled by the need for organizations to continually innovate their offerings, accelerate time to market, and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s digital world. As we’ve discussed in this post, AI can help power leaps in innovation across a variety of industries and parts of our lives.

How will you engage with AI in your life—and drive momentum in all the areas of your life that AI can enable?


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