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What a difference 18 months make.

Telligent became part of the Verint family in August 2015, and this May will mark our second Engage Global Customer Conference.  As users of our Community solutions join to share best practices, success stories and more, Verint has its own great use case story to share based on our Telligent Community being used in multiple areas across Verint.  

Verint Using Verint

For those of you who are familiar with how useful social technology can be, particularly social community technology, this is no surprise.

Take our customer experience team, for example. It uses our Community to facilitate online customer-to-customer and customer-to-Verint interactions and collaboration. Likewise, our government and public sector colleagues extended their use of the Community solution to provide partner-to-partner and partner-to-Verint collaboration.  And, our Pre-Sales teams use the social software to collaborate across multiple product teams to locate and connect the right experts to best develop and deliver customer solutions.  

Communities Help Put Customer Needs First

This year, my team worked more closely than ever with our colleagues to illustrate how customers can use Community to create more meaningful relationships with their customers, partners and employees.  

Verint’s Telligent Community is best of breed as a social community platform with pre-built social applications, such as blogs, forums, wikis and activity streams to help customers create engaging community experiences with ease. These pre-built applications are developed upon a highly scalable and flexible platform—a social engine—where  social services, such as comments, likes and ratings can be deployed using APIs to make other systems and products more engaging, collaborative and social. 

Depending on business objectives, these applications and services can be deployed for the simplest or most complex experience requirements. And this gets better and continues to evolve all the time. With the launch of our latest release of Verint Telligent Community came live user engagement capabilities, a richer, more in-depth interaction platform for comments and discussion, and an enhanced conversational experience. Click here for more in-depth information on the enhancements outlined in Telligent Community’s full release notes.

Watch This Space

Be on the lookout for my next series of blogs, where I will cover how companies are using Verint Telligent Community to learn from and solicit feedback from customers, improve customer service while lowering their costs, bolster their knowledge management strategy with insights from the community, and help employees get to the “who and what” they need to serve their customers more effectively!


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