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Create a Continuous Improvement Quality Program Enterprise-Wide

iStock_54458112_LARGE_white_gloved_waiter_with_bell.pngQuality Monitoring has been a staple of service organizations for decades now. How many times have we heard, “This call is being monitored for quality assurance,” when calling into a company? But this capability and focus on quality has mostly been limited to the contact center. 

Why? The customer journey often times does not start and end in the contact center. 

The back office in many organizations is responsible for the delivery of the goods and services promised to the customer. But while the contact center has had sophisticated tools for years, the back-office has mostly had to make do with homegrown solutions or souped up Excel® spreadsheets.

But that’s all changing. As organizations attempt to understand the entire customer journey, they are realizing the role the back office plays and are looking for ways to help ensure their focus on quality, accuracy and speed to service extends across the organization. Quality management has expanded from the traditional approach of randomly sampling transactions and performing post-process quality reviews or audits, to providing real-time, in-process guidance.

Quality audits are still needed, but automated workflows and the ability to label and categorize transactions for targeted retrieval and review—capabilities available in today’s solutions—have increased the frequency and efficiency of the process. To provide in process guidance, organizations will need the means to program automated, contextual pop up screens that remind the employee of the next step based on the transaction or customer type, such as Verint Process Assistant

To achieve the holy grail of an enterprise, a continuous loop quality management program, a broader suite of solutions is needed to address the many factors impacting quality, such as employee skills and knowledge, process efficiencies and workflow, and customer feedback. Read the new ebook, Delivering Five-Star Service with Back-Office Quality Management, to learn more about the ingredients needed for a continuous loop quality management program and how you can deliver the five-star service that cultivates customers for life.


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