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Crowdsourcing QA—How to Tap into Direct, Indirect and Inferred VoC

iStock-534407582_young woman at computer_resized.pngWebsite design is something many companies wrestle with—if you ask ten people, you’ll get ten opinions. However, when you make it easy for your customers to offer their insights, you get the feedback you need the most.

OpinionLab’s Tim Whiting shares some thoughts based on his experiences in this arena. Direct feedback from your digital consumers can be gleaned through a variety of channels. However, what usually works best during a website redesign is a pervasive path for consumer-initiated feedback from within the digital experience.

As he discusses in his blog, when you provide a simple way for site visitors to “raise their hand” during a specific moment in their digital journey across your redesigned experience, they can tell you what they’re experiencing and why. That’s feedback every organization needs.

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