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Customer Engagement

Customers Driving Rules of Engagement for Financial Services: Infographic and White Paper

Screen_Capture_FinServ_Infographic_buildings.jpgWhat did more than 2,000 American consumers tell us1 made a recent positive customer experience better than their experiences with other companies?

  • 47% felt they dealt with my request quickly
  • 34% said they understood my issue and history
  • 33% felt the person they spoke to was able to make decisions without checking with their manager
  • 27% didn’t have to interrupt their day too much to deal with them

The top rule of engagement for financial services is customer centricity.

Consumers are evaluating their interactions with financial services companies based on their good and bad experiences with other companies—and their expectations are high.

How can banks win and retain consumer loyalty? By having a better understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations. When asked to what extent they agree with a series of statements, an overwhelming majority (89%) responded that yes, good service definitely makes me feel more positive about brands.

Approximately half of American consumers in the study said they like it when service is personalized to me and my interests. Similarly a third said that they think when companies understand their history they have a more positive experience.

The findings from our research reveal that many consumers are suspicious about how their data is used. Trust continues to be a major issue: only 20% trust financial services providers to keep their data safe.

What can you do to meet complex customer expectations head on? We provide five recommendations and other insights in our new infographic. Read more results from our global research in our complimentary Verint white paper, Customer-Centricity in Financial Services: The Rules of Engagement.

1 The research was commissioned by Verint in July and August 2015. Interviews were conducted among 18,038 consumers in the following countries: Germany (2,006), France (2,001), Netherlands (2,002), Poland (2,001), UK (2,004), South Africa (2,010), USA (2,007), Australia (2,007) & New Zealand (2,000). The research was conducted online, in the local language for each area and respondents were incentivized to participate.


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