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Digital Feedback: Why You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

iStock-579162996_woman_contact us_resized.pngBusinesses around the world are aggressively driving as many customer interactions as possible to digital channels (web, mobile web and mobile apps) because it helps lower the cost of doing business—and because customers are demanding it.

In fact, a recent Verint survey of 24,000 consumers in 12 countries called The Digital Tipping Point found that 64 percent of consumers say they favor digital channels for simple interactions.

While the move to digital meets customer needs, it also creates new challenges for organizations which are trying to create differentiation through superior customer experience (CX). Those organizations that attempt to obtain feedback on digital interactions find that response rates are shockingly low, creating an interesting conundrum: more and more consumers are interacting with brands digitally and fewer are providing feedback.

The result? It’s harder and harder to understand the customer experience.

Traditional methods of gathering digital feedback such as pop-up or pop-under surveys are increasingly ineffective because they’re intrusive, distracting and disrespectful of the customer’s time. The good news is there are new ways to interact with the digital customer that are highly effective, non-intrusive and respectful of the customer’s time—and which provide actionable information to create differentiated customer experiences.

Because getting digital feedback is so important to CX professionals, we’ll be sharing best practices for measuring the digital customer experience in an exclusive web seminar hosted by CRMXchange titled “The Five Keys to Improving Customer Experience with Digital Feedback” on April 20 at 1 p.m. ET. I’m pleased to be co-presenting with my colleague Karen Gliwa, Vice President of Insights at OpinionLab, an organization which Verint acquired late last year and the leader in digital feedback solutions.

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