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Driving Holistic Customer Engagement Excellence

iStock-Engagement Image_gears_resized.pngAs discussed in a recent blog post by Laurie Wickham, the 2017 Verint Engage Global Customer Conference took place recently in Orlando, Florida with attendees from 17 countries and a variety of industries.

Attendees hosted sessions and exchanged best practices on topics including voice of the customer, desktop and process analytics, automation/robotics, employee engagement, quality management, back-office and branch operations, compliance recording and workforce management.

The 4th annual Verint Executive Summit also took place during Engage, hosted by a partner and division COO from a global management consulting firm. The theme was holistic customer engagement—helping organizations empower their customers and employees through intelligence that can be shared enterprise-wide.

Prior to the summit, registrants were interviewed in order to understand their areas of responsibility, top two to three business challenges, areas of knowledge/expertise and areas they want to learn more about. The most common areas of business that the executives were responsible for included contact customer experiences strategy, center/customer service strategy, enterprise strategy, technology, regulatory compliance and operations.

Customer experience strategy topped the list of most common business issues and business focus areas. Workforce Optimization (WFO) planning and strategy, customer centricity, operational efficiencies, fraud, employee engagement and regulatory areas rounded out the top seven. 

Top Business Issues

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As part of the executive summit agenda, attendees engaged in networking breakout sessions on voice of the customer, workforce optimization, and employee engagement themes. 

Here’s a summary of what we learned:

Implement a theme or focus around “effortless”: Make it as easy as possible for customers to engage with you. One organization implemented a scorecard focused on measuring an “effortless experience” for customers.  They found this gave some freedom to customer service associates and empowered them to provide a better customer experience by allowing them to focus “outside in” on the customer, rather than “inside out” from the organization.  

Drive customer experience excellence by focusing on call types that are more and more complex. One executive’s organization is leveraging contact recording and speech analytics to determine the reasons for calls that fall into the highest 10th percentile of average handle time—i.e., the longest calls. They believe that if they can “fix” the issues that cause the top three to four call types, they can free up resources and focus that will help drive customer experience excellence.

Create real focus around your customer experience strategy. How many organizations do you know that have a full understanding of “why” they use all the VoC measures they have? How many areas do they actually have action plans for? Is the data really leveraged to support CX actions that impact customers?  

Organizations often spend the majority of their time on “big data,” dashboards, internal reporting—and much less time on actioning around opportunities that the data may show. Take a look at your organization—see if you can help change the equation if it’s out of balance.

Enable global knowledge management. One company is constantly striving to deliver better customer service through all communication channels. In addition to ensuring the effective servicing of customers on the phone and via email, organizational goals include providing customers with the ability to perform self-service to find answers directly on the company’s customer portal. 

In fact, the organization migrated more than half a million knowledge articles and other documents to the knowledge management solution, creating a global foundation for knowledge content spanning 23 languages and more than 700 products. The result? A reduction of maintenance overhead through the merging of 227 knowledge bases into a single source, which saved a great deal of time, money and resources.

What about you? Are you ready to engage, learn and connect with your executive peers? If you’d like to join an executive networking group, email me at and we’ll get you connected. Help us continue the conversation around holistic customer engagement!


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