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Make an Impact with Your Voice of the Customer Program

iStock-611295796_water drops_resized.pngDelivering superior customer experiences is a top challenge facing many organizations today. Maybe the top.

The abundance of communication channels includes phone, web, mobile apps, chat and social channels—which add varying complexities to meeting these CX challenges and truly understanding customer sentiment.

More traditional tools such as surveys and feedback mechanisms only go so far in the digital world. Brands must think differently to evolve how they approach capturing, analyzing and acting on customer feedback.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions can help organizations deepen their insight and gain a better understanding of what their customers are saying. While having these solutions in place is the first step, organizations can take it a step further by developing an organized VoC program to help them get the most out of their solutions. But first things first…

It is important to build a comprehensive foundation that addresses these fundamentals:

  • Vision—Goals for the program identified by key stakeholders.
  • Governance—The structure of how the program will be managed and how data will be disseminated to internal and external audiences.
  • Culture—An organizational environment that puts customers at the center of decision-making.
  • Processes—Developing processes to close the loop on feedback and address issues.
  • Technology—Software and services to help consistently capture, analyze and act on customer feedback.

Once your foundation is in place, you’re ready to put your VoC program into action. But what should your program include? Let’s explore:

Encouraging Customer Engagement

Most importantly, your program should be equipped to capture both company-initiated and customer-initiated feedback. What’s the difference? Company-initiated feedback can be solicited through surveys that are usually distributed via web or phone, while customer-initiated feedback tends to occur at key moments in the digital customer journey.

Both allow customers to communicate with your company and provide input through their preferred channels and devices.

Taking a Deeper Look

The data captured from either company- or customer-initiated feedback can then be compiled to glean context on the customer experience and organizational responsiveness, which can then be used across the enterprise to drive action and deliver differentiated customer experiences.

As we all know, compiling data from various sources can be a big task. That’s where solutions such as speech and text analytics come into play. These solutions can automate analysis of all feedback and distill key data quickly—helping to save you time given the large volume of interactions that take place on a daily basis.

Because digital feedback solutions enable customers to provide feedback in the moment, these technologies can work together to help you uncover process, product, and service issues and drive operational improvements through real-time, targeted action—as well as enhance the consistency and quality of the customer experiences you deliver.

Measuring the Impact

Taking a deeper look into captured data can help your VoC program deliver insight that profoundly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as your bottom line. Let’s take a look at how your VoC program can help deliver measurable results:

  • Inform and formulate specific strategies to retain high-value customers
  • Identify areas of impact that can help pinpoint gaps in the customer journey and refine channels and/or processes
  • Provide opportunities for upsell or cross-sell activities with individuals showing a high degree of satisfaction
  • Provide new sales opportunities through indirect feedback such as emails and call recordings
  • Indicate opportunities for process improvements and service recovery efforts through looking at web usage and cart abandonment.

Now that we have examined developing a VoC strategy in more detail, what areas of your business could you work on to connect the dots for a more comprehensive view of customer interactions? 


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