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Ready to Soar? Align Your Analytics and Customer Engagement Strategies

Airpline in flight_Greg blog_082417_resized.pngWhat are customers telling you? What drives their behavior? Which behaviors are impacting your business right now?

These questions have never been easy to answer—but today, there are more opportunities to address these questions. The answers can drive business and workforce optimization at your organization—by incorporating advanced analytics as part of your customer engagement strategy.

At a recent Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Customer Relationship Management / Customer Experience event at the Atlanta Tech Village, the GM of Advanced Analytics and Data Science from a major airline took part in a panel on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. This executive mentioned that a variety of groups at the airline including operations, customer service, customer experience, marketing and process improvement look closely at customer data. 

The ultimate goal of the data analysis is to gain insights, drive improvements and foster competitive differentiation. These groups often have different data repositories for customer and other data—and thus don’t always have a complete view of customer data. At the same time, the organization fosters an increasing number of synergies and collaboration as a result of weekly meetings where data scientists discuss and prioritize projects and initiatives. 

The GM mentioned that the group has had a variety of “a-ha” moments. In one example, the data scientists realized they could leverage digital devices that gate agents carried and used in the airport—and tie that data in to other systems to help improve operations and customer experience.

Airlines leverage customer experience insight, passenger shopping and buying patterns, customer preferences and travel history, and other data to find actionable insights. Intelligence gained from advanced analytics can help identify enhanced offerings and services including: 

  • Utilizing custom-built itineraries and add-on services based on individual preferences that provide real-time suggestions based on choices customers have made before. 
  • Developing custom-tailored experiences, where insight is likely to become mainstream and part of important elements of new offerings. For example, if a customer consistently orders a gin and tonic on flights—that is useful to know when flight attendants interact with the passenger.
  • Treating customer behavior insights as a primary resource for gaining a differential edge in the market.
  • Engaging in initiatives to surprise and delight: At Atlanta/LAX/JFK/Minneapolis airports, this airline has Porsche Panameras and Cayenne SUVs on loan. The airline manages the program and picks up select Diamond and Premier members on the runway after a plane lands—and takes them to their next gate or to the main airport terminal in a Porsche vehicle. Not only do they “wow” the selected premium customers—they also promote the Porsche brand.

By closely aligning analytics projects and insights with the corporate customer engagement strategy, airlines and other organizations can gather insights that drive customer experience excellence. One of Verint’s customers, a major North American airline, combines analytics insights with knowledge management, interaction recording, workforce management and quality management across 13,000 employees and 1,000 contact center agents to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of front-line customer service agents, as well as airport staff. 

Speech analytics is used to elevate insights within the organization to continuously improve and support the organization’s customer experience program. This airline has been recognized as a top corporate brand and credits that accolade to hard work and a focus on the combination of analytics and customer engagement strategies to drive business optimization and customer experience excellence.

What can you achieve when analytics insights are examined in the context of customer engagement strategies? Challenges include balancing customer satisfaction with revenues and trying to determine the most relevant data insights on which to take action. Opportunity abounds.

Help your organization soar! Actions you take now combining analytics and customer engagement initiatives can lead to greater customer retention, higher customer satisfaction ratings and higher profits.  


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