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The Market for Speech Analytics Will Grow 30% in India

iStock-510481872_diverse team with speech bubbles_resized.pngI recently spoke with Dataquest India about the growth rate for speech analytics there—I would estimate it’s at least 30% if not higher.

In my view, it is becoming standard table stakes not just for the BPO market—which in many cases is being demanded by U.S. and other clients to provide speech analytics insights—but also local players such as the large banks and telecoms.

BPOs have gone through a significant transformation from simply providing a lower-cost service competing on price to providing expertise and proficiency at a higher level than the internal capabilities of their clients. This is big. Speech analytics can take that transformation even further by providing analytics expertise and deep customer insights.

What this does is position BPOs that have embraced speech analytics and built internal expertise as trusted advisors and consulting partners to their clients, helping to secure long-term relationships between the two.

Read more in my recent Dataquest India article.


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