Customer Engagement

No doubt contact center executives have a great deal to occupy their thoughts day and night. To execs who are hoping for a better night’s sleep—good news awaits you. It is quite likely that a solution to help reduce your operational headaches may be closer than you think.
Not surprisingly, governments today are challenged with juggling resources and demand. As you may have read in part one of this blog series, Contact Solutions recently commissioned the Governing Institute and the Center for Digital Government to survey state government leaders to answer this ...
Governments around the world are increasingly realizing the impact outdated technology and poor processes can have on citizen engagement and operational burdens.
Personalization has become a cornerstone for building brand loyalty today.  Customers are demanding a much more individualized approach to customer service than ever before—and they want it fast.
Every now and then an idea comes along that makes you wonder why somebody didn’t think of it sooner. Have you ever been in the middle of an online interaction and were interrupted or had to leave the self-service session to look up information? This happened to me when I was trying to renew my auto ...

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