Customer Engagement

We’ve all heard the term omnichannel by now—and it isn’t going anywhere. Offering all communication channels within a unified solution is still a key element to the customer experience. However, in a world where digital meets humanization, it is important to find the balance.
The bank branch remains a critical delivery point for the provision of financial services to both retail consumers and small business. But over the years, the value of the branch has shifted from being a transaction site to an advisory location. Banks are looking for the right balance of ...
John’s cell phone has started making a constant buzzing noise and the battery is draining quickly. An internet search brings up some information from a third party website for cell phone enthusiasts.  At their advice, he uninstalls a particular app and the problem appears to be resolved.
If yours is among the growing number of companies that have embraced customer engagement as a business strategy, you may be wondering, “Should we be doing something differently than before?” The short answer is yes and no—and importantly, you should be doing the same things better.

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