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iStock-451853435_change keyboard key_resized.pngA new report by Forrester Research, titled Transform Government from the Outside In, states that “governments should run more like businesses.” One area where local and federal governments can follow the lead of their private sector brethren is with their online services.

However, just copying what corporations do isn’t the answer, and it isn’t that simple. The report recognizes the unique challenges facing government and public sector organizations regarding how to change existing structures, policies and procedures.

For a while now, Verint has been talking about the unprecedented challenges facing the public sector. These are the result of the converging pressures of the digital customer and widespread cost-cutting programs that require government organizations of all types to deliver more with less.

With widespread use of the Internet and mobile technologies, digital customers have come to rely on these devices for their dealings with commercial organizations—and now expect to do the same in their dealings with the government and the public sector.

At the same time, exceptional budgetary pressures brought about by financial constraints and austerity measures have forced public sector organizations worldwide to rethink how they manage their public services. With fewer funds—and fewer employees—more has to be achieved with less.

These two challenges have led public sector organizations to provide digital access to services as a way of not only giving their customers what they want, but also reducing their own cost of service delivery.

However, while most public sector organizations have implemented some form of “digital first” strategy (sometimes known as “channel shift”), many might say they have not met their intended economic outcomes.

This new report by Forrester seems to support Verint’s position. It shows that the public’s demand for swift, efficient, effective and low-effort services makes these digital first changes not only highly desirable, but actually also inevitable.

It is critical to make your citizen’s interaction with your services, whether online or in-person, easy and engaging. It is also important to design your online services from the customer’s point-of-view—both are keys to long-term, sustainable success.

In addition, your organization—including executives and key stakeholders—must embrace a willingness to change. The change comes not just in the way services are delivered, but also in the approach to their delivery. In short, the attitudes and culture displayed by all levels of the organization must change or your efforts will be for naught.

These are just some of the imperatives detailed in the report that government and public sector organizations will need to embrace to realize the most effective and beneficial results from their digital first transformation efforts. Verint’s own Overcoming the Barriers to Successful Digital First Strategies also offers practical, real-world insights to transforming your services.

Government and public sector organizations can use these tips to help develop a digital first strategy that can really deliver benefits for you, your organization, and your citizens.


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