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Align the Attack/Defense Mismatch Part 1: Make Security Teams More Productive

iStock_data_breach-cyber_attack-resized.pngDespite the fact that companies invest $92 billion annually on cyber security, 80% of organizations are still breached. Just recently, highly publicized breaches at Acer, Cisco’s GotoMyPC, and Calgary University suggest that on the whole, our approach to cyber defense is fundamentally flawed.

And the worst part is—today’s sophisticated attackers know exactly what these flaws are and exploit them at will.

The Attack and Defense Mismatch: Facts vs. Reality

Attackers scout out their targets in advance and tailor their malware to evade common perimeter defenses. Once inside the network, they move laterally among servers and endpoints, communicate with command-and-control servers and exfiltrate data. These stealthy, multi-stage attacks often go unnoticed for months, leaving massive damage in their wake.

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