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Big Data and Video Surveillance: A Perfect Match


We live in a time of unprecedented amounts of data—more accessible and varied than ever before. In their book “Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work and Think,” authors Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Kenneth Cukier estimate that the amount of information stored worldwide grows four times faster than the world economy. Clearly, big data is here to stay.

So, what is big data? In the business world, it represents both a challenge and an opportunity. To stay ahead, organizations must look to analytics technology.

Big Data and Video

As more organizations transition from analog to IP, digital cameras are capturing untold amounts of video data—much of which goes unused and unanalyzed. However, video analytics offers a unique opportunity to leverage that big data captured by an organization’s video surveillance network, analyze it effectively and reap benefits across the entire company.

By fully integrating video surveillance and analytics with other security systems, such as access control, field operations and panic alarms, an organization’s response and decision-making capabilities can be even more streamlined. And, when these traditional security technologies are leveraged in combination with emerging systems—such as social media, GIS mapping and databases—the result is actionable intelligence.

For example, a large healthcare organization adopted a situation management platform to integrate all their safety and security systems, including video, access control, computer-aided dispatch, and operator radios and phones. As a result, operators have better visibility into the entire healthcare campus and can better leverage each system’s capabilities. Because all information is available in one place, threats are mitigated and field resources are also optimized.

Going Beyond Security

Analytics can also provide real, measurable value in the area of business intelligence. By applying smart video to big data, retailers, banks and other organizations can realize a variety of operational benefits.

For example, retailers can use analytics to help count shoppers, monitor what products they’re looking at and watch for traffic patterns—then adjust the store layout and merchandising accordingly. Banks can use analytics to help improve customer service and detect fraud. Casinos, meanwhile, can better identify when a high roller—or a known card counter—walks in the door and respond accordingly.

For these organizations, integrating video with other security and business operations platforms, including loss prevention, marketing and point of sale, also yields a variety of benefits. Banks, retailers and casinos can more readily respond to criminal activity and vandalism, while easily sharing vital information with local law enforcement.

Big data is everywhere. For organizations ready to take advantage of it, the key is adopting the right technology to help mine it effectively.

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