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Bright Lights Big City: Security Is All About the BIG picture

iStock_000080824173_Large_city-resized.pngAs the world of information grows, so does our need to make conscious, informed and smart decisions.

These decisions directly impact safety, a critical component to the operation of any metropolis. Cities today face increased challenges when it comes to safety objectives and the protection of people, property and assets. 

Therefore, it is more important than ever to have a concrete strategic approach that develops increased situational awareness—as well as a plan to combat threats and crime before an incident occurs.

The risks and dangers that cities encounter range from crime, terror and cyber threats, to informational and financial privacy threats and beyond. These looming and complex hazards must be met with operational intelligence, predictive insight and an actionable plan.

The days of reacting are gone. A systematic, proactive approach is now essential to optimize and improve processes and protection.

Knowledge Is Key

So how does a complex, multifaceted organization—such as a city—take optimal and proactive safety measures, prevent loss, investigate and prevent crime, and achieve compliance?  The answer is by using technology to create real-time situational awareness that helps mitigate risk, enhances customer experience and improves operational performance.

Insight and data are the vital building blocks to achieving this essential operational intelligence. 

When a city successfully integrates its many moving parts and systems into effective security solutions, preventing loss and crime, better revenue management and stronger safety goals can be achieved.

Looking Ahead

To tackle this massive issue of situational awareness, a big picture approach helps drive a scalable and analytical process to security.  A single pane-of-glass view drives data capture, analysis and visualization—providing insights that help users anticipate, engage and respond more quickly to help strengthen security and safety.

In order for cities to address the increased challenges of security and to promote critical situational awareness, relying on analyzing the risks of the past and today isn’t enough. Creating an actionable plan for the future is needed.

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