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Improving Situation Awareness at Airports Worldwide

Airport security is complicated. It is rapidly evolving and requires officials to plan for a diverse set of scenarios, from terrorism and hijacking to active shooters, theft and fraud. In the face of such daunting security challenges, airport officials require best-in-class technology that can integrate seamlessly with the facility’s other systems to create true situation awareness.

At Verint, we have helped airports around the world improve their situation awareness to help prevent security breaches and respond to incidents in real time. Let’s take a look at two of our most notable airport security projects.

Verint has led and provided key technologies for the Total Airport Security Solution (TASS) proof-of-concept at a major European airport, which was deployed in 2012. The TASS project involved a multi-level video and intelligence solution built around Verint’s Video Management Software (VMS) and situation management platform to help airports improve their threat-detection capabilities.

The TASS concept integrates data from various airport sensors and sub-systems, including customs, airport command and control, immigration, police and more. The project represents a significant step forward in developing a model for integrated systems at airports, which typically use a variety of systems and sensors that don’t necessarily interoperate or share intelligence effectively. In addition to Verint, the TASS consortium also includes 20 leading European technology companies, research institutes and end-user organizations—all of whom have a vested interest in finding a successful situation awareness solution for airports.

Verint also helped deliver the Integrated Video and Information Systems Network (iVISN) surveillance system to a major American airport. The iVISN program was implemented to enhance response times and increase situation awareness over the airport’s previous CCTV system. The solution includes Verint’s VMS and situation management solution, conventional and IP cameras, and a variety of video analytic and informational interface programs, including license plate recognition. The result is a fully integrated situation awareness platform that enables all sensors and systems to seamlessly share information, which helps officials respond faster and more effectively.

The Future of Airport Security

Today, Verint’s Nextiva SMC, a Situation Management Center, builds upon our experience with the TASS project, as well as our years of offering leading VMS and physical security information management (PSIM) technology. Released in April 2014, SMC integrates with a multitude of sensors and systems to increase situation management and improve the security and safety of people, property and assets. SMC helps provide enhanced response times and effectiveness, greater operator efficiency, and more streamlined training and compliance through improved situation management—making it ideal for the challenging airport environment.

To find out more about Nextiva SMC, click here. To learn more about how our solutions have helped improve situation awareness for our airport customers, click here.



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