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Intelligent Video Surveillance Booming Around the World


Across the world, video surveillance is booming—and it’s getting smarter with each passing year.

The global intelligent video surveillance market is experiencing a significant period of growth as organizations more fully realize the benefits offered by video analytics, object recognition and other intelligent features. From banking and transportation to retail, homeland security and critical infrastructure, many organizations can greatly benefit from systems such as video analytics—and the proof is in the statistics.

For example, a new report by the Homeland Security Research Corp estimates the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market will grow at an annual rate of 13.6 percent through 2020. By that point, intelligent camera technology should account for 25 percent of the global video surveillance market.

The largest growth areas within the EMEA region are forecast to be Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates at about 18 percent—with Nigeria at an incredible 23.6 percent. That’s even more than the Asia Pacific forecast with 19 percent through 2020, which experts agree is unprecedented.

What’s behind this incredible rate of growth? The Homeland Security Research survey identified several main drivers, including:

1. New threats.

With new threats to public safety and homeland security emerging every year, a growing number of organizations, especially those within EMEA countries, know that intelligent video is a highly reliable and cost-effective way to safeguard their facilities, assets and people.

2. Widespread use of CCTV surveillance.

In response to an increasingly complex set of threats, organizations everywhere are turning to CCTV surveillance to help deter crime and terrorism, monitor their facilities and respond to incidents quickly. As these systems become more common around the world, their widespread acceptance and use will only accelerate.

3. Security modernization.

In response to growing threats of crime, violence and terrorism, customers in the Middle East and Africa—as well as in Asia, the United States and Europe—have ramped up their modern security infrastructure investments, including IP-based systems. As these deployed security platforms grow more sophisticated, organizations can more readily take advantage of advanced technology, such as video analytics.

4. Cost-effectiveness of video analytics technology.

This is a big one: As intelligent video capabilities have advanced and become more mainstream, their cost-effectiveness has only improved. Today, customers of all sizes and in all verticals can greatly benefit from video analytics, without overwhelming their budgets. The technology can even potentially save money for many customers by establishing security response standards, automating certain processes, speeding up incident response and streamlining operations.             

As the global video surveillance industry looks ahead to 2015 and beyond, so far all signs indicate that the market will only continue to flourish—while also constantly introducing new ways to help ensure the safety and security of people and organizations around the world.

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