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Safe City Programs Spread Around the World


Around the globe, new Safe City programs are being initiated every year. Cities both large and small are looking at ways in which they can unify the efforts of various public agencies, such as police and transportation, while also maximizing the usefulness of video surveillance, GIS mapping and other modern tools, such as social media.

Take for example the city of São Bernardo do Campo, located in the Brazilian State of São Paulo. Like any large city, São Bernardo faces its share of challenges. With more than 750,000 residents, it struggled with high crime rates, especially in its more densely populated areas.

Seeking to better ensure public safety while also improving information sharing between the city’s numerous public agencies, officials set an ambitious goal for themselves: to build a new unified command and control center that would unify four municipal agencies and create a world-class Safe City programthe first of its kind in Brazil.

One of the most significant challenges for São Bernardo officials lay in its myriad of civil agencies, each of which works to ensure public safety and deliver public services, including transportation, healthcare and education. Traditionally, the various agencies worked in silos, without a seamless way to communicate information or coordinate efforts. When the city’s Department of Urban Security embarked on its Safe City program, one of the most significant objectives was to unify the many services and departments.

“The main purpose of this project was to implement a ‘Safe City’ program with the strategic objective to integrate [the] agencies that operate in the urban security area: city police, transit, civil defense and the emergency ambulance department,” said Benedito Domingos Mariano, secretary for urban safety in São Bernardo.

Officials chose to leverage Verint Situation Management Center™ and Video Management Software™ platforms to tie together the city’s network of hundreds of surveillance cameras, more than 400 panic buttons, 110 GPS tracking devices, 100 vehicles and other sensors. The software includes advanced video management capabilities, including system health monitoring, remote access, investigation management and automated event responses—all of which help enable a faster, more seamless approach to public safety.

By integrating these various systems and devices, the Verint platform provides security operators with actionable intelligence, gleaned from a dizzying amount of incoming data. Through this intelligence, officials can respond to incidents in real-time, which increases efficiency and helps enhance safety. In addition, the solution also helps ease system management and optimize costs, which provides city officials with a strong ROI case.

As Safe City initiatives become increasingly prevalent around the globe, officials only stand to benefit from the wealth of information that today’s safety and security systems can provide. By leveraging comprehensive physical security solutions, such as Verint SMC, cities can make use of all that data without getting overwhelmed. The result is a safer, more secure city and perhaps, over time, a safer world overall.


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