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Security in 2016: Looking Back and Looking Forward


As the world celebrated the New Year, safety was on people’s minds around the world. Many took time to review some of the events that helped define 2015. The Paris attacks, the university shooting in Kenya and the violence associated with Charlie Hebdo further elevated security concerns and helped propel organizations to strongly evaluate security programs, processes and technology investments.

More recently in the United States, riots in Baltimore and the violent events at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino highlighted a growing need for more proactive security protocols and the robust detection of potential threats.

While we can expect the threats of 2015 to carry over into 2016, the good news is that organizations are leveraging advanced intelligence to build more proactive security programs. The use of Big Data has become more important in helping to keep cities, businesses, employees and citizens safer and better protected.

By combining large amounts of data, security leaders can help achieve greater insight into what’s happening around them—more quickly—and more effectively identify threats, manage emergency situations and investigate incidents.

In 2015, many organizations invested in new technology, public awareness programs and advanced security operations centers to help collect and analyze information faster, manage and respond to situations efficiently, and keep their citizens safe. This trend is expected to continue in 2016.

The evolving threat landscape drives organizations to build programs that can provide higher levels of situational awareness, along with correlated security and business data that delivers information to help protect assets, infrastructure and people. This year, more and more businesses will look to combine data and intelligence to become more efficient.

Safe city initiatives started to become a high priority for cities around the globe as security and IT leaders looked to technology to streamline processes, better manage day-to-day operations, and help keep assets and people safe. Networked solutions have proven to be valuable in a wide range of environments, because such platforms help drive enhanced collaboration between private and public organizations, as well as various departments within an organization.

Without a doubt, security strategy will continue to be a significant focus for organizations in 2016. Smart leaders will increasingly leverage intelligence and technologies to make better business decisions. This focus will hopefully help reduce crime and violence, and deliver increased peace-of-mind to employees and citizens around the world.

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