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Sherlock Holmes, Cyber Investigator

iStock_000088167933_blue_lock_cyber_resized.pngCatching and investigating cyber attacks feels a bit like detective work. And whenever I think of detectives, one of my favorites comes to mind: Sherlock Holmes.

The Sherlock Holmes stories are always a fun read as well as a great mental workout.  I’m always fascinated by the way Sherlock Holmes takes a seemingly impossible case and solves it at the last moment with shocking simplicity and elegance. “‘Excellent!’ I cried. ‘Elementary,’ said he.”

Back to cyber security: It would be great to be Sherlock Holmes, wouldn’t it?  He would use the smartest and most efficient forensics. Zoom in on the important facts and ignore the noise. Clearly articulate what happened. And of course—solve the case!

At first it doesn’t seem like a fair comparison. Today’s hyper-connected world moves a bit faster than Holmes’ Victorian England.  And, Holmes was always called in after the crime was discovered. He had the luxury of picking his cases. Today’s security analysts must sift through tons of data just to discover the cases, and investigate dozens of them simultaneously.

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