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Verint Introduces Its Next Generation of Situation Management

Verint made waves at the ISC West Conference in Las Vegas today when it announced its next-generation situation management solution—Nextiva SMC. This solution can integrate with up to tens of thousands of sensors and systems to maximize a company’s situational management and security efficiency efforts. The potential results include streamlined processes, reduced risk and costs, and greatly enhanced security.

Nextiva SMC is driven by Fusion, powerful software that combines and analyzes device relations, location data, integration, user management and data retention to ensure that all of a company’s most vital data is in one place. Designed as an open, unified software platform, Nextiva SMC can manage an enormous amount of situation management information from nearly any business system, including communication platforms, access control, panic alarms, intrusion detection, fire alarms, building management, IP cameras, video analytics, existing investments and even various external databases. SMC can even incorporate information on traffic violations, radar, weather, identity systems and information from mobile phone sensors.

All of a company’s sensors, maps and events are linked in SMC with a GIS-based visual database, which enables users to easily follow standard operating procedures. With all these sensors and systems organized neatly in one place, operators can respond more quickly and more effectively to both routine and emergency situations. This helps to increase efficiency and productivity, while also simplifying new operator training.

Since the Nextiva SMC is based on an open, scalable architecture, it is easily integrated with multiple platforms and devices, which further increases situation awareness. Potential ROI results can include lowered security infrastructure costs, because control rooms can be consolidated and systems can be easily scaled over time. Other potential results can include lower incident handling time, faster response and dispatch time, and fewer false alarms.

To learn more about Nextiva SMC, click here. Already at the ISC West Conference? Stop by Verint booth #30056 to experience Nextiva SMC—and the rest of our award-winning solutions—in person.


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