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Verint Offers ISC West Attendees Two Strategic Technology Updates

SAPlatform_resized2_1The industry is changing. Security leaders are more business savvy, technology is more sophisticated, and big data analysis and the Internet of Things are driving new levels of intelligence across the globe.

The drive to leverage data streams, business strategy and systems to achieve greater situational awareness and make intelligent decisions has never been more important.

Attending ISC West in Las Vegas this week, Verint is focused on helping customers strengthen situational awareness and security intelligence. At the conference Verint will highlight its focus on cyber security and two strategic updates to its technology portfolio that help enterprises boost security and business intelligence, and further empower security leaders.

Advanced cyber attacks continue to be a significant risk factor for organizations across the world. These breaches cause financial, operational and reputational damage and often put companies on the defensive. Comprehensive security strategies—those that combine physical and cyber security elements—help build a collaborative, multi-faceted approach to effectively protect against a variety of threats, including cyber.

Intellectual property, and valuable business and customer information must be protected—actionable intelligence is a critical component of achieving this goal. By incorporating cyber threat detection solutions and secure IP platforms, Verint helps its customers navigate this evolving security landscape.

One of the two strategic technology updates to be unveiled this week is Verint Video Tracker, an intelligent analytics platform that assists users in identifying the most relevant data to enhance an organization’s monitoring, reporting and response capabilities. These analytics literally ‘track’ an individual by utilizing a series of various camera views. The solution empowers the user to focus on the most critical data points and easily ascertain a suspect’s movements throughout a location.

Verint is also introducing the latest enhancements to the Verint EdgeVMS platform, its enterprise Network Video Recorder management and situational awareness solution used to view video and automate monitoring—helping to streamline investigation management and enhance multi-agency collaboration.

Verint EdgeVMS now delivers:

  • Map-based event displays and detailed facility layouts
  • Expanded external storage capacity
  • Proactive intelligence capabilities and alerts
  • Advanced case management.

The overall goal of Verint’s security intelligence solutions, whether focused on cyber risks or physical security strategies, is to deliver actionable intelligence to enhance security—while also empowering enterprises to exceed established business goals.

If you’d like to schedule some time with Verint at ISC West this year, please contact Our meeting space is located in Bassano 2707 in the Venetian hotel.

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