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Video Analytics Comes of Age…

iStock_000067277885_Earth_in_space.pngImagining the future of technology is exciting. I remember watching “Oceans 13” and “CSI” years ago, and thinking that the age in which security technologies would reach this level of advancement was far beyond the industry’s reach.

At that point, video analytics was in its infancy, going through a ‘beta’ stage, if I may call it that.

Some users found success but also experienced a high rate of false alarms. Some deployments flat out failed. Innovators went back to the drawing board to fine-tune these intelligent software solutions and now, we’re experiencing their achievements.

Not only do we have analytics that can detect situations, such as an item left behind, line crossing or long queue times, but these systems can also help augment the power of operators in the command center. As facilities add more cameras and networked-based devices to help increase situational awareness, users need to be ready to address any potential situation in real-time. At the same time, they must be available to investigate on demand, pulling up video footage of a possible suspect or incident in a moment’s notice.

Today’s advanced video analytics help operators address both instances and are designed to help enhance real-time situation management, threat detection, and forensic investigations. Stakeholders can identify the most relevant data to elevate the effectiveness of monitoring, reporting and response. By leveraging intelligent algorithms, organizations can automate the tracking of an individual through camera views within a location, improving the ability to track a suspect and facilitate informed response.

So, although a little slow out of the gate, this category of video analytics seems to now be taking great strides forward. See what Verint is doing in this category. 


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