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Getting Started with Journey Analytics

Who doesn’t want more insights into the customer experience? Given this has become a primary differentiator for organizations across industries, understanding it is critically important. Journey...Read more

Sensors Do Not A Smart City Make—Part 1 (with apologies to Aristotle)

We’ve been talking about the rise in Smart Cities for, well, it seems like forever. But I suppose, like so many new (particularly technological) advances, broad acceptance always appears later in...Read more

Building Mid-Management Mindshare for Your CX Program

You’ve scored big with C-level buy-in and you’re starting to engage the frontlines. Here are three strategies for ensuring middle managers are CX advocates, too.   Some frontline employees are...Read more


Are You Prepared for the Next WannaCry?

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks have become part of the landscape of modern times. Not limited to geography, industry or technology used, they do their damage and elevate stress levels around the world....Read more

What Happens In Vegas … Talking Security

Next week marks the start of ISC West 2017 under the neon lights of the Vegas Strip. Verint will join approximately 1,000 exhibitors and over 20,000 attendees—gathered to talk about the latest...Read more

Webcast: What to Look for in an Effective Cyber Detection & Response Solution

Despite our best efforts, cyber attacks are getting more aggressive and sophisticated. The threat of targeted attacks is real, and the cyber security landscape must change with the need for greater...Read more