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Driving Employee Engagement in Today’s Contact Center

It only takes a quick look around your surroundings to see that the world has changed. Every head is buried in a phone—and apps and bots are used to do everything from hiring a car to dimming the...Read more

Create Future Journey Maps for Real Value—Rather Than Just Upgrading Touchpoints

Just upgrading a touchpoint is so 2016. Comparing current and desired experiences is a good foundation for a CX plan. Much has been written about how to develop a customer journey map. It’s a popular...Read more

Contact Center Execs: 5 Pains Keeping You Up at Night

No doubt contact center executives have a great deal to occupy their thoughts day and night. To execs who are hoping for a better night’s sleep—good news awaits you. It is quite likely that a...Read more


Webcast: What to Look for in an Effective Cyber Detection & Response Solution

Despite our best efforts, cyber attacks are getting more aggressive and sophisticated. The threat of targeted attacks is real, and the cyber security landscape must change with the need for greater...Read more

Detecting Command & Control Communications—Context Is Key

By now, the concept of the cyber attack chain—or kill chain—is widely accepted as a way to understand and deal with threats. The first thing that malware does once it’s established on the network is...Read more

Revealing the Long-Term Costs of Building an Advanced Cyber SOC

Aware of the dangers and probability of suffering a data breach, organizations are rethinking their security posture. They realize that the traditional prevention-based security model, based on...Read more