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Making Employee Safety Priority One


You can’t help but turn on the news and be concerned about security. Now more than ever before we are seeing bombings, active shooter incidents, random stabbing tirades, riots and random acts of violence happening all over the world.

Each of the recent incidents in Paris, San Bernardino and Israel took place with very little warning, in public places frequented by all types of people—some traveling for work, others for pleasure and still others native to the local area enjoying their daily routine.

When incidents like these or even smaller, more personal ones happen, they create disruption and chaos. Vital systems such as communication and transit operations are often adversely impacted, and people are left scrambling, not knowing what to do next.

As a person who travels globally for work, I often think about what I would do if something happened around me. How would I let my company and family know that I was okay? Even more so, if I wasn’t okay, how would I alert someone that I was in danger and needed help?

As a result of the recent violence happening around the world, organizations are now looking to take an active approach to keeping their employees safe regardless of when and where they travel. Until now, very few organizations have invested in an employee personal safety strategy—but that is changing, fortunately.

Today, organizations are looking to technology to help them develop processes and procedures to keep traveling employees within the purview of organizational security and help enable a direct, concise method for establishing dialogue should the employee need it.

With the proliferation of smart phone technology and the expansion of wireless networks, security officers now have the unique ability to stay connected, and if necessary, monitor employees as they travel. If an employee feels threatened or unsafe, he or she can immediately alert the organization’s security team, which can then take proper steps directly or can kick off response procedures to contact local authorities to help ensure the safety of that threatened employee.

Even in these tumultuous times, business must go on. Having a comprehensive employee personal safety strategy can help provide peace of mind to your security personnel—and additionally, to those who are traveling on behalf of the company.


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